The underlying excitement of treasure hunting comes from finding something of great value that has not yet been discovered! There is nothing more exhilarating than unearthing a coin, jewel, or relic that is hundreds or thousands of years old, and finding out it is worth a large reward.

It may seem like the most valuable treasures have been found already by explorers and archeologists, but the truth is that there are still plenty of hidden treasures out there for the seeking. Take a look at these worldly hidden treasures that are still lost, and perhaps you will be the lucky adventurer to stumble upon the treasure hoard!

Forrest Fenn Treasure

It was in 2010 that millionaire Forrest Fenn, announced that he had hidden his treasure in the Rocky Mountains. This adventurous 88-year-old was a former fighter pilot in Vietnam as well as an art dealer, and had accumulated great wealth. He decided to offer other adventurers the “thrill of the chase” by hiding a chest filled with millions in riches. The only clue Fenn offered to those interested in seeking his hidden treasure was a poem giving clues to the chest’s location. Thousands have sought out the treasure, some going so far as to put their own lives in danger, but none have yet discovered the chest’s location.

Florentine Diamond

Originally belonging to the Medici family, the Florentine Diamond was one of immense value. The diamond originated from India and was said to be 137 carats and stunning yellow in colour. When the Medici family line ended, the diamond passed to Austrian royalty and was then placed in the Habsburg Crown Jewels. It remained there for a time, and it was only after the fall of the Austrian empire that the jewel was rumored to have been stolen and brought to the United States. Here, many believe that the jewel was cut down into smaller pieces to be sold. But whatever happened to this yellow diamond (or its many pieces), this priceless jewel has not yet been located.

Crown Jewels of England

Of the many hidden treasures still not found, the Crown Jewels of England continue to be a popular topic. It was back in the year 1216 when King John was on the throne, that many of England’s crown jewels at the time were reported to be lost. The king was often referred to as ‘Bad King John’ due to his supposed corrupt ways of ruling. It was King John who decided to return to Lincolnshire from Norfolk due to feeling ill, returning by crossing ‘The Wash’ – a bay in the east of England. It is told that his baggage train was to follow, carrying John’s treasure, but due to the high tide, those in the train were lost. There was a search set out to return the lost items, but the Crown Jewels were not found and so it remains to this day.

Imperial Seal of China

Of the many real hidden treasures that have not yet been found, the Imperial Seal of China is one familiar to any treasure hunter. Made from pure jade, the Imperial Seal of China was an heirloom that had been carved with the royal seal in 221 BC. After the seal had been carved, the magnificent item was passed on from generation to generation, being presented to each new emperor. It was not until a period called the “Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms” that the Imperial seal of China was lost. Many have conspired to determine what happened to the jade seal, but there are still many who believe that the Imperial Seal is simply lost and has yet to be found.

The Golden Owl

An illustrated book called ‘The Hunt for the Golden Owl’ was published in 1993 by Max Valentin (true name Régis Hauser). The book became popular due to the treasure hunt it offered within its pages! Alongside the beautifully painted illustrations, the book offered clues to the location of a buried ‘Golden Owl’ statue – made of gold and silver with diamonds on the head. The owl is said to be hidden in mainland France, and the hunt for this golden bird has been ongoing ever since. Even after the author’s death, the secret of this treasure hunt has passed to his family, but nothing has yet been revealed regarding the true location of the Golden Owl.

Rogue’s Atlas

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