IronBridge Coin prize with a real value

We’re taking Augmented Reality (AR) Location-Based Gaming to the Next Level

Pokemon Go revolutionized mobile gaming. Since its launch in 2016, the app has secured more than 2 billion downloads and earned $2.45 billion USD worldwide.  Subsequent location-based gaming (LBG) titles include Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Ghostbusters World, The Walking Dead: Our World and Jurassic World Alive.

IronBridge 1779 is an independent mobile game publisher taking LBG to the next level. Our mobile game, Rogue’s Atlas – currently in beta testing – is an augmented reality (AR) treasure hunt paired with a variety of puzzles, mini-games and a real chance to win a valuable prize.

One of the first indie games to launch with Google’s new “playable locations” technology (still not available to the public), our game is also accessible to local businesses and institutions for custom sponsored treasure hunts and events. 

Our Game

Rogue’s Atlas incorporates augmented reality and cutting-edge Google technology.

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Our Team

We’re an indie mobile gaming company from Calgary, Canada with a diverse & passionate team.

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The Rogue’s Atlas Advantage

A unique experience for players – An effective marketing tool for sponsors – A good opportunity for investors

Free to Play

Our game is completely free for users. Everything is unlockable using currency earned playing the game.

Cutting Edge Tech

Our Treasure Hunts use cutting-edge Google technology not yet available to other indie developers.

3 Revenue Streams

We don’t live or die by advertising and IAP. We earn sponsorship revenue from valued business partners.


Rogue’s Atlas is in the Location-Based Gaming genre, a proven global phenomenon.

Built for Longevity

Rogue’s Atlas incorporates the best elements of Geocaching, a veteran mobile game going 20 years strong

Many Applications

From tourism to guided campus and museum tours, Rogue’s Atlas has many exciting applications.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Unlock opportunities to connect with Gen Z and Millennial audiences through:

  • Pay-for-Results Traffic

  • Experiential Marketing

  • Native Advertising

  • Organic Publicity

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Our Team

From local artists to indie developers to experienced executives, our team brings diversity, professionalism, and a unique flair.

Jay Chilibecki
Jay ChilibeckiLead Programmer
Jay is our brilliant young mind that puts together and codes all the hard stuff.
Wayne May
Wayne MayCofounder
Wayne is an experienced business owner, manager, and world traveller.
Bryan Boxall
Bryan BoxallCEO
Bryan is a veteran international entrepreneur and seasoned investor.
Paul Robinson
Paul RobinsonCFO
Paul is a veteran VP of operations and successful Franchise operator.


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